Top 10 HCM Software Vendors and Market Forecast 2015-2020

Worldwide HCM Applications Market to reach $17.8 billion by 2020, compared with $15 billion in 2015 at a compound annual growth rate of 5%.


In 2015, the top 10 HCM software vendors accounted for 48% of the global HCM applications market which grew 4% to approach $15 billion in license, maintenance and subscription revenues.

This represents our latest marketing sizing, which has been revised in December 2016 to accommodate reclassified Payroll and Workforce Management applications revenues. Previously the former was part of ERP Financial Management applications market and the latter was derived from time and attendance software revenues previously bundled into time clock hardware sales.

Last year SAP was No. 1 with 10% market share and $1.4 billion in HCM product revenues, riding on a 23% jump in license, maintenance and subscription revenues. ADP was No. 2 achieving 6% share, Oracle was the third at 6% and Workday and Kronos were fourth and fifth with 5% and 5%, respectively.

Top 10 HCM Software Vendors & 2015 HCM Applications Market Shares
Top 10 HCM Software Vendors & 2015 HCM Applications Market Shares

Through our forecast period, the HCM applications market is expected to reach $17.8 billion by 2020, compared with $15 billion in 2015 at a compound annual growth rate of 5%.

Exhibit 2: Worldwide HCM Software Market 2015-2020 Forecast, $M
Year201520202015-2020 CAGR, %

Source: Apps Run The World, June 2016

HCM Market Definitions And Forecast Assumptions

Human capital management includes such functions as eRecruiting (applicant tracking), Onboarding (employee profile), Performance Management (assessment, goal management, succession planning), Core HR (personnel administration, benefits, compensation management, payroll), Workforce Management (absence management, activity tracking, scheduling, time and attendance), and eLearning (learning management system).

Here are our forecast assumptions for the HCM applications market. Talent shortages, demographic shifts, contingent labor surges are reshaping the global workforce as firms of all sizes revamp their HR systems to better acquire, retain and source a new generation of employees. For more on our forecast assumptions, please visit our Quarterly Win/Loss Analysis Scoreboard and our Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database.

Top 10 HCM Software Vendors

Here are the rankings of the top 10 HCM applications vendors in 2015, their market shares in 2015 and recent developments.

RankVendor2014 HCM Apps Revenues, $M2015 HCM Apps Revenues, $MYoY Growth2015 HCM Market Share, %Recent Developments
1SAP Subscribe Subscribe23%10%Number of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central customers for Cloud Core HR applications exceeded 1,250 in 2Q16, up from 1,100 in 1Q16.
2ADP Subscribe Subscribe10%6%Reported 500,000 customers for HCM and Payroll in the Cloud in FY15 and ADP expects most if not all of its 75,000 midmarket customers to migrate to its Cloud-based Workforce Now for Core HR, payroll and talent management by end of fiscal 2017.
3Oracle Subscribe Subscribe3%6%In the first quarter of 2016, Oracle reported over 1,000 Core HR customers in the Cloud with 600 live. It also has thousands of Taleo customers for eRecruiting in the Cloud.
4Workday Subscribe Subscribe52%5%Workday’s customer count has exceeded 1,300 in the first quarter of 2016 with the majority of them adopting its Core HR apps in the Cloud.
5Kronos Inc. Subscribe Subscribe15%5%In 2016 Kronos acquired Empower Software Solutions, which specializes in HCM apps with over 1,000 customers mostly small firms. Kronos Cloud has secured over 17,000 customers, compared with 15,000 last year.
6LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft ) Subscribe Subscribe32%5%Professional network magnet attracts 433 million members, plenty of eyeballs, religious following among recruiters and staffing firms. In June 2016, it agreed to be acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion.
7IBM Subscribe Subscribe-4%4%Recent wins included ATB Financial, Dave & Buster’s, and Jaguar Land Rover for its HCM applications.
8Ultimate Software Subscribe Subscribe23%3%Established strategic partnership with NetSuite that includes sales referrals. Most recent customer count topped 3,200, up from 2,800 in 2015. Projects up to 25% growth in 2016 sales, compared with 22% in 2015.
9Skillsoft Subscribe Subscribe10%2%In May 2016, Skillsoft ramped up a series of initiatives designed to strengthen its leadership position in the corporate eLearning space. The new management team is aiming to appeal to a new generation of users accustomed to quick learning via social media. It has also Acquired Vodeclic for video courses and elearning content in 2015.
10Cornerstone OnDemand Subscribe Subscribe30%2%Positioning itself as Talent Management Platform As A Service provider by introducing Cornerstone Edge for ISVs that can leverage its app builder and marketplace to extend their microservices that encapsulate Cornerstone’s Learning, Recruiting and other HCM apps.
Subtotal Subscribe Subscribe17%48%
Other Subscribe Subscribe-6%52%
Total Subscribe Subscribe4%100%

Source: Apps Run The World, June 2016

Exhibit 4 shows the enterprise applications market by functional area. The highest growth functional markets revolve around smaller segments like eCommerce, Enterprise Performance Management, Sales Performance Management and Treasury and Risk, where first movers remain less established than those that for decades have been entrenched in functional areas like ERP, CRM and PLM.

Exhibit 4: Worldwide Enterprise Applications Market Forecast 2015-2020, By Functional Market, $M

Exhibit 4 Worldwide Enterprise Applications Market Forecast 2015-2020, By Functional Market, $M
Exhibit 4 Worldwide Enterprise Applications Market Forecast 2015-2020, By Functional Market, $M

Further Readings

The HCM Top 500 report series covers more than 3,000 pages of content, make sure that you don’t miss any of the 500+ profiles by becoming a subscriber. Or you can catch the highlights with the following links:

HCM Win/Loss Analysis As Part Of Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database

On the buyer side, customers are investing in HCM applications based on new features and capabilities that are expected to replace their existing legacy systems. In many cases, competitive upgrades and replacements that could have a profound impact on future market-share changes will become more widespread.

Since 2010, our global team of researchers have been studying the patterns of the latest HCM software purchases by customers around the world, aggregating massive amounts of data points that form the basis of our forecast assumptions and perhaps the rise and fall of certain vendors and their products on a quarterly basis.

What follows is a sample of our latest findings, which are being updated continuously. Each year our research team identifies tens of thousands of these HCM customer wins and losses from public and proprietary sources.

The research results are being incorporated into regular updates in our Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database. You can access the Quarterly Win/Loss Analysis Scoreboard and our Enterprise Applications Buyer Insight Customer Database by becoming a subscriber.


VendorCustomer WinNo. of employeesRevenue, $MOld ProductNew ProductWins in
ADPAllOver Media20025Legacy SystemADP Vantage HCM4Q15
ADPBoudin Bakery40050UltiproADP Vantage HCM1Q15
ADPColumbia Distributing2600700Legacy SystemADP Vantage HCM1Q15
ADPDidlake, Inc.1200100Legacy SystemADP Vantage HCM2Q16
ADPE. & J. Gallo Winery60004100Oracle PeopleSoft HR, KronosADP Vantage HCM1Q16
ADPEdgewell60001631SAP PayrollADP GlobalView3Q15
ADPEnergizer51001610SAP PayrollADP GlobalView3Q15
ADPHarlem United35050UltiproADP Workforce Now, ADP Enterprise Time and Attendance1Q15
ADPKratos Defense and Security Solutions2900653Deltek CostPoint HRIS, Deltek ProBusiness PayrollADP Vantage HCM1Q15
ADPNovotus1008UltiproADP Vantage HCM1Q16
ADPOrion Marine Group2300514In-House Legacy systemADP Vantage HCM2Q16
ADPRestaurant Technologies, Inc.750400UltiproADP Vantage HCM1Q14
ADPRush Enterprises67004860In-House Legacy systemADP Vantage HCM1Q16
ADPSafran USA, Inc.7000018000UltiproADP Vantage HCM1Q14
ADPSan Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD)1500300Legacy SystemADP Vantage HCM, Oracle ERP Cloud2Q16
ADPSanMar Outfits4000530In-House Legacy systemADP Vantage HCM2Q16
ADPSharp Electronics Corporation4350028700ADP WorkforceADP’s suite of solutions1Q16
ADPStanley Steemer International, Inc.2300600ADP WorkforceADP Vantage HCM4Q15
ADPWaste Pro2600464Legacy SystemADP Vantage HCM1Q16
ADPWelcov Healthcare3500850Legacy SystemADP Vantage HCM4Q15
ADPWonderful Pistachios & Almonds73002500UltiproADP Vantage HCM2Q15
ADPZyscovich Architects12020Legacy SystemADP Workforce Now2Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandAmerican Red Cross300002974Saba LMSCornerstone OnDemand, Cornerstone Learning2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandBanco Santander19450039320Saba LMSCornerstone OnDemand3Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandCathay Pacific Airways3290013200Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand1Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandCitrix95003340Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand1Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandCNO Financial35003790Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandDarden Restaurants1488907020Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandFemsa246150332250Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand LMS3Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandFletcher Building188008410Totara LMSCornerstone OnDemand LMS3Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandFlorida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles2475500Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand1Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandFrontier Communications Corporation204005560Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand LMS3Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandGrupo Bimbo12739014000Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandHitachi, Ltd.35000094770Saba LMSCornerstone Learning, Cornerstone Connect4Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandLenovo6000044910Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandMaersk8900047569Legacy SystemCornerstone Learning and Cornerstone Connect1Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandPalladium Hotel Group110002500Legacy SystemCornerstone Recruiting, Cornerstone Onboarding, Cornerstone Learning, Cornerstone Connect and Cornerstone Performance1Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandPenn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center90002700MoodleroomsCornerstone Learning2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandSEGA Europe Limited30050Legacy SystemCornerstone Growth Edition Performance2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandSelect Medical284003970Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand2Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandTeam Rubicon605Legacy SystemCornerstone Learning, Cornerstone Connect and Cornerstone Extended Enterprise1Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandThai Union Group465003630SAP SuccessFactorsCornerstone OnDemand1Q16
Cornerstone OnDemandUniversity of Auckland5000800Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand3Q15
Cornerstone OnDemandVirginia Department of Transportation75003000Legacy SystemCornerstone OnDemand3Q15
IBMAllergan, Plc3120015071Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa BrassRing4Q14
IBMATB Financial53001500Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa Talent Insights2Q16
IBMDaiichi Sankyo3222912006Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa BrassRing3Q14
IBMDave & Buster’s12495866Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa BrassRing2Q16
IBMJaguar Land Rover2800032750Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa Leadership Assessments1Q16
IBMMercury Insurance Group51003090IBM Kenexa 2xRIBM Kenexa BrassRing4Q14
IBMMSC Industrial Direct65002910IBM Kenexa 2xRIBM Kenexa BrassRing2Q14
IBMPlexus Corp.140002654Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa BrassRing1Q14
IBMPotashCorp53958000Legacy SystemIBM Smarter Workforce Learning Content Management System3Q15
IBMSYSCO5170048680Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa BrassRing3Q15
IBMTravelClick1500250Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa LMS1Q16
IBMWhirlpool Corp.9700020891Legacy SystemIBM Kenexa Recruitment Services2Q16
KronosAmerican Woodmark Corporation6600947Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central2Q16
KronosBenchmark Senior Living2370280UltiproKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosBest Market1800300Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosBest Sunshine20050Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosCity of Dallas130002800Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosCity of Hampton1875450Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosComprehensive Pharmacy Services2000250Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central2Q16
KronosDansk Supermarked Group425008480Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosDavid J. Joseph Company2200600Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosDental Care Alliance1000130Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosEctor County Independent School District1200200Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosFletcher Building Holdings188008410Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosFonterra2200017940Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosFox Cable Network1250014300Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosFrisbie Memorial Hospital1800280Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosGray Television Inc.3500637Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosHHS (Hospital Housekeeping Systems)11000350ADP WorkforceKronos Workforce Central2Q16
KronosIngramMicro2770041720Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosNorthern Tool & Equipment2200925Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosOrlando Health Inc.14000595Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosRobert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH)101001500Infor Lawson HRKronos Workforce Central2Q16
KronosSalida Hospital District42550Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Ready1Q16
KronosSedano’s Supermarkets3000450Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosSouthcoast Health7400838Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central2Q16
KronosTowerJazz45001010Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosToyota Boshoku America Inc.110004000Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosTransition Health Services505Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosVillage of Rosemont, IL423654Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central2Q16
KronosWard Transport & Logistics Corp.1500350Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central2Q16
KronosWashington State Convention Center35039Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
KronosWillamette Dental Group1500148Legacy SystemKronos Workforce Central1Q16
LinkedIn Corporation90 Seconds12018Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationAbunayyan Holding4500800Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions1Q16
LinkedIn CorporationAlexander Mann Solutions30001000Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions1Q16
LinkedIn CorporationBBVA10930526840Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions1Q16
LinkedIn CorporationBlackbook Executive102Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationBooking.com110002200Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions1Q16
LinkedIn CorporationClarify8010Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions1Q16
LinkedIn CorporationErste Group467805040Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationHalcyon Knights404Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationHays88301127Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationoOh Media!550300Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationRED35060Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationThe Entourage10010Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
LinkedIn CorporationVodafone10144047870Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions1Q16
LinkedIn CorporationYork-Walker101Legacy SystemLinkedIn Talent Solutions2Q16
OracleAnsell Healthcare15001645Oracle HR, Payroll and General LedgerOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleArcadis270003400Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleBlackboard3000700Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleBlackmores800471Oracle HR, Payroll and General LedgerOracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleBrightSource45013500Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleCEMEX4400013070Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleCenterPoint Energy75057386SAP HCMOracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleCIMIC2300016218Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleCypress Semiconductor62791820Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleDespegar.com3500400Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleFannie Mae730022230Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleGenesys3300850Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleGroupe ENGIE15495069900SAP HCM, Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleHamilton Island1300250Legacy SystemOracle Talent Acquisition Cloud1Q16
OracleJT Group600281Sage ERP 1000Oracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleKentucky State University160053Ellucian BannerOracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleLimited Brands2290012154Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleLOUD Technologies533208ADP WorkforceOracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleMolina Healthcare2100014178Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleMoneyGram28201434Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleNationwide Insurance3500025914Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleNavy20000026276Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleOmnicare130001733ADP WorkforceOracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleOverhead Door1000100Oracle Peoplesoft HROracle HCM Cloud1Q15
OraclePella Corporation60002300Legacy SystemOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OraclePolycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.55001000Legacy SystemOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OraclePRIMUS Global Technologies1000100Legacy SystemOracle Talent Acquisition Cloud2Q16
OracleRestoration Hardware38002109ADP WorkforceOracle HCM Cloud4Q15
OracleRutgers University96943600Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud3Q15
OracleSamuel, Son & Co.5300367013 HR and payroll systemsOracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleSchroders37003004Oracle HR, Payroll and General LedgerOracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleSGS859035712Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleSouthwestern Energy25973133Workday HCMOracle HCM Cloud1Q16
OracleVanderbilt University241764067Oracle PeopleSoft HROracle HCM Cloud2Q16
OracleWestpac3202127858Oracle HR, Payroll and General LedgerOracle HCM Cloud3Q15
SAPAECOM10000017989Legacy SystemSAP SuccessFactors Learning Management2Q15
SAPAllergan3120015071SAP HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central1Q16
SAPAllstate4020035700SumTotal, Oracle TaleoSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central1Q14
SAPArizona Chemical10001500SAP HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central1Q15
SAPBritish American Tobacco5700019170Oracle Peoplesoft HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central4Q15
SAPCargotec108373729Oracle TaleoSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management2Q16
SAPCoca-Cola12320043860ADP Global ViewSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central3Q15
SAPEdgewell60001631SAP HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central2Q15
SAPHeineken8100019260SAP HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central2Q15
SAPMobil Mini1982530Legacy SystemSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central3Q15
SAPNational Bank of Canada201255464Oracle Peoplesoft HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central3Q14
SAPSabre91002960SAP HR, Oracle TaleoSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management1Q16
SAPSitel580001500Legacy SystemSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central2Q15
SAPSmurfit Kappa Group410009150SAP HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central4Q14
SAPSpotless470002873Legacy SystemSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central3Q14
SAPSPX Corporation60002000Oracle Peoplesoft HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central2Q15
SAPTASNEE10004850SAP HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Performance & Goal Management, Learning, SAP HCM module of SAP ECC 6.01Q16
SAPThomas Cook310009500SAP HR, Meta4SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central4Q14
SAPThyssenKrupp AG15500042788SAP HRSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central2Q15
SAPTimken140002872Legacy SystemSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central4Q12
Skillsoft3M9000030274Legacy SystemSumTotal LMS1Q16
SkillsoftAmerican Cancer Society85002000Legacy SystemSumTotal Talent Expansion1Q16
SkillsoftConvergys1300002951KronosSumTotal Work3Q15
SkillsoftEdward Jones412006300Legacy SystemSumTotal LMS2Q15
SkillsoftEdwards Lifesciences98002600Saba LMSSumTotal LMS1Q16
SkillsoftExperian170004810Legacy SystemSumTotal LMS2Q15
SkillsoftMcAfee75001800Legacy SystemSumTotal Talent Expansion2Q15
SkillsoftPatterson Companies70005390Legacy SystemSumTotal LMS2Q15
SkillsoftReed Elsevier300005971Legacy SystemSumTotal LMS2Q15
SkillsoftUniversity of California50002000Legacy SystemSumTotal Talent Expansion2Q15
SkillsoftYapstone310135Legacy SystemSumTotal LMS4Q15
Ultimate SoftwareAstoria Bank1600200ADP WorkforceUltiPro1Q14
Ultimate SoftwareCarlex Glass America, LLC700200ADP WorkforceUltipro1Q15
Ultimate SoftwareConexus Credit Union900170CoreHRUltiPro2Q16
Ultimate SoftwareDevry Education Group101361850RepliconUltipro2Q15
Ultimate SoftwareDistrict Photo Inc1200160PaychexUltipro1Q16
Ultimate SoftwareEarls Kitchen + Bar7000300Legacy SystemUltiPro2Q16
Ultimate SoftwareFeeding America4002200Legacy SystemUltiPro2Q15
Ultimate SoftwareGinkgo Residential20035Legacy SystemUltiPro1Q16
Ultimate SoftwareHorizon Lines2000800CeridianUltipro2Q15
Ultimate SoftwareIslands Restaurants4100900Ceridian, ADP PayrollUltiPro1Q16
Ultimate SoftwareMid-Atlantic Health Care37001000Legacy SystemUltiPro4Q15
Ultimate SoftwareMi-Jack Products500300CeridianUltiPro2Q16
Ultimate SoftwareMilk Specialties Company700550ADP WorkforceUltiPro1Q15
Ultimate SoftwareMultisorb Technologies40090ADP WorkforceUltipro1Q15
Ultimate SoftwarePharmaca50020CeridianUltiPro3Q15
Ultimate SoftwareScreen Actors Guild-Producers Pension and Health Plans180100ADP WorkforceUltipro2Q16
Ultimate SoftwareThe Phoenix Suns400154Legacy SystemUltiPro2Q16
Ultimate SoftwareThe Taubman Company, LLC615580Legacy SystemUltiPro4Q15
Ultimate SoftwareVirginia Tire & Auto450100ADP WorkforceUltiPro1Q15
Ultimate SoftwareWarren Equipment Company1700500ADP Enterprise HR, CoreHRUltiPro2Q15
Workday3M9000030274Oracle Peoplesoft HRWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayAcxiom Corporation43201020Oracle PeopleSoft HR, Oracle PeopleSoft FinancialsWorkday Financial Management, Workday HCM2Q16
WorkdayAirbus13660064500Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayBank of America22000082500Legacy SystemWorkday HCM1Q16
WorkdayBest Western International, Inc.50007000Legacy SystemWorkday Financial Management, Workday HCM2Q16
WorkdayCerner Corporation220003402Oracle Peoplesoft HRWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayConAgra Foods, Inc.3200017700Oracle Peoplesoft HRWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayCounty of DenverxxLegacy SystemWorkday HCM4Q15
WorkdayDS Smith260005513Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayE.I. DuPont5200025268Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayFinancial Times2200550Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayFinnair48172610Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayGoDaddy Inc.50001500Legacy SystemWorkday HCM1Q16
WorkdayHitachi33667094770Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayJ.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.1932410000Oracle Peoplesoft HRWorkday Financial Management, Workday HCM2Q16
WorkdayKohl’s3500020000Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayL.L. Bean50001610Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayMemorial Hermann Health System240004000Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayNationstar Mortgage Holdings, Inc.67401022Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ADP HRISWorkday Financial Management, Workday HCM2Q16
WorkdayPerkins Coie LLP21001400UltiPro, Oracle Peoplesoft HR, Kronos time-management softwareWorkday HCM3Q15
WorkdayThe Charoen Pokphand Group (CP)30000046500Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayT-Mobile USA5000032000Legacy SystemWorkday HCM1Q15
WorkdayTomTom44001080Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16
WorkdayWarner Music Group35502966Legacy SystemWorkday HCM2Q16

Source: Apps Run The World, August 2016

More Enterprise Applications Research Findings

Based on the latest annual survey of 3,000+ enterprise software vendors, Apps Run The World is releasing a number of dedicated reports, which profile the world’s 500 largest Enterprise Applications Vendors (Apps Top 500) and the world’s 500 largest Cloud Applications Vendors (Cloud Top 500) ranked by their 2014-2015 product revenues.

Their 2015 results are being broken down, sorted and ranked across 16 functional areas(from Analytics to Treasury and Risk Management) and by 21 vertical industries(from Aerospace to Utility), as shown in our Taxonomy. Further breakdowns by subvertical, country, company size, etc. are available as custom data cuts per special request.

Research Methodology

Each year our global team of researchers conduct an annual survey of thousands of enterprise software vendors by contacting them directly on their latest quarterly and annual revenues by country, functional area, and vertical market.

We supplement their written responses with our own primary research to determine quarterly and yearly growth rates, In addition to customer wins to ascertain whether these are net new purchases or expansions of existing implementations.

Another dimension of our proactive research process is through continuous improvement of our customer database, which stores more than one million records on the enterprise software landscape of over 100,000 organizations around the world.

The database provides customer insight and contextual information on what types of enterprise software systems and other relevant technologies are they running and their propensity to invest further with their current or new suppliers as part of their overall IT transformation projects to stay competitive, fend off threats from disruptive forces, or comply with internal mandates to improve overall enterprise efficiency.

The result is a combination of supply-side data and demand-generation customer insight that allows our clients to better position themselves in anticipation of the next wave that will reshape the enterprise software marketplace for years to come.