Top Oil and Gas Software Vendors

Each year Apps Run The World release an annual study that ranks and analyzes the explosive growth of the world’s largest Oil and Gas Enterprise Applications Vendors ranked by their Oil and Gas software revenues. Catch the Top 10 Oil and Gas Software Vendors and Market Forecast 2015-2020.

Additionally, the latest edition of the Apps & Cloud Top 500 Reports (Sample) will provide software buyers, vendors and investors with an indispensable research tool that puts the dynamics of the Oil and Gas Enterprise Applications market into sharper focus. Updated annually, the rankings in the study are based on 2011-2016 enterprise applications revenues of more than 3,000 enterprise applications vendors in our proprietary database. Subscribe Now and access the profiles of the Top 500+ Enterprise Applications Vendors.

Profile No. Vendor Functional Market Key Enterprise & Cloud Applications 2015-2016 Enterprise Apps Growth, % 2016 Enterprise Apps Revenues # of Employees
11-PageHuman Capital Management1-Page, 100%Subscribe now57
21010dataAnalytics and BI1010data Cloud, 8.82%Subscribe now140
32Interact, Inc.Human Capital Management2Interact, 0%Subscribe now200
43esi-EnersightERP Services and Operations ManagementValue Navigator, 3.12%Subscribe now150
53i InfotechCollaboration, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Treasury and Risk Management3i Infotech's ORION, -7.69%Subscribe now8500
68x8Customer Relationship Management8x8 Virtual Office, 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, 8x8 ContactNow, 37.08%Subscribe now1019
7A3 SolutionsEnterprise Performance ManagementA3 Modeling, 33.33%Subscribe now25
8abas Business SoftwareERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain Managementabas eB, 6.67%Subscribe now1000
9ABB's Enterprise Software GroupERP Financial Management, Supply Chain ManagementABB Cloud Solutions, 15.14%Subscribe now135000
10AccellionCollaboration, Content ManagementAccellion Secure Collaboration, 8.82%Subscribe now200
11Access GroupHuman Capital ManagementAccess Payroll, 20%Subscribe now900
12Accsys (Pty) LtdHuman Capital ManagementAccsys PeopleCloud, 7.5%Subscribe now100
13AcendreHuman Capital ManagementAcendre, 16.67%Subscribe now70
14Achievers, a Blackhawk Network CompanyHuman Capital ManagementAchievers Employee Success Platform, 22.81%Subscribe now350
15AchillesProcurement, Supply Chain ManagementAchilles Online Platform, 11.11%Subscribe now1000
16ACOMERP Financial ManagementAcom, 25%Subscribe now90
17AcquiaContent ManagementAcquia Cloud, 19.44%Subscribe now700
18AcroprintHuman Capital ManagementAcroTime, 0%Subscribe now30
19Act-On SoftwareCustomer Relationship ManagementAct-On, 26.92%Subscribe now300
20ActionHRMHuman Capital ManagementActionHRM Cloud, 15.38%Subscribe now20
21ActonomyHuman Capital ManagementActonomy xMP Semantic Mind, 36.36%Subscribe now12
22AcumaticaERP Financial ManagementAcumatica Cloud ERP, 6.06%Subscribe now130
23Adaptive InsightsEnterprise Performance ManagementAdaptive Suite, 23.08%Subscribe now550
24AdequasysHuman Capital ManagementAdequasys HRIS Cloud, 50%Subscribe now50
25AdexaSupply Chain ManagementB-SaaS®, 30.91%Subscribe now150
26AdminaHealth LLCHuman Capital ManagementAdminaHealth, 0%Subscribe now10
27Adobe SystemsAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship ManagementAdobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, 19.1%Subscribe now15000
28ADPHuman Capital ManagementADP GlobalView, ADP Resource, ADP SmartCompliance, ADP Streamline, ADP TotalSource, ADP Vantage HCM, ADP Workforce Now, 10.03%Subscribe now55000
29AdRollCustomer Relationship ManagementAdRoll Retargeting, 33.33%Subscribe now470
30Advance SystemsHuman Capital ManagementAdvance Systems Workforce, 50%Subscribe now96
31AFAS ERP SoftwareERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementAFAS Online, 6.67%Subscribe now400
32Affecto OyjAnalytics and BI, eCommerce, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementAffecto Cloud, 3.85%Subscribe now1000
33Agile•1Human Capital ManagementAgile-1 Total Workforce Solutions, 100%Subscribe now420
34AGroupHuman Capital ManagementAgroup Cloud, 50%Subscribe now50
35AlembaIT Service Managementvfire, ITSM, Service Management product suite, Software Asset Management, g-cloud 8, Jira Connector36.36%Subscribe now70
36AlfrescoContent ManagementAlfresco One, 3.33%Subscribe now400
37Alight PlanningEnterprise Performance ManagementAlight Mortgage Lending, Alight Mining and Metal25%Subscribe now40
38Allegro Development Corp.ERP Services and Operations Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementAllegro, 3.7%Subscribe now350
39Alliance Enterprises, Inc.Enterprise Performance ManagementAware, 14.29%Subscribe now80
40Altair Engineering, Inc.Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringAltair HyperWorks On Demand, Altair PBS Cloud2.63%Subscribe now2600
41AlteryxAnalytics and BIAlteryx, 95.12%Subscribe now500
42AmanoHuman Capital ManagementThe TS-3000i, 4.76%Subscribe now4500
43Amber RoadSupply Chain ManagementGTM Software Suite, 42.55%Subscribe now800
44AMG Employee Management IncHuman Capital ManagementAMGtime Systems, 0%Subscribe now15
45AnaplanEnterprise Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Sales Performance ManagementAnaplan, 77.14%Subscribe now610
46Ansys Inc.Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringANSYS Enterprise Cloud, 4.68%Subscribe now2800
47Anviz GlobalHuman Capital ManagementAIM CrossChex, 50%Subscribe now1000
48AOC SolutionsERP Financial ManagementEnCompass, 16.67%Subscribe now250
49Apdata do BrasilHuman Capital ManagementGA technology - Global Antares, 13.33%Subscribe now302
50Apex Software Technologies, LLC.Human Capital ManagementApex HCM, 50%Subscribe now50
51Apex Time SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementATS SaaS Time Solutions, 25%Subscribe now120
52Appcast, IncHuman Capital ManagementAppcast, 66.67%Subscribe now65
53AppLearn LtdHuman Capital ManagementADOPT, 0%Subscribe now60
54AppVaultHuman Capital ManagementAppVault’s Employer, 0%Subscribe now40
55Aptean, Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Supply Chain ManagementAptean Cloud, 6%Subscribe now2000
56ApttusCustomer Relationship ManagementApttus Intelligent Cloud , 25%Subscribe now300
57AquilaHuman Capital ManagementAquila , 11.54%Subscribe now220
58ARCHIBUS, Inc.Analytics and BI, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Project Portfolio ManagementARCHIBUS On Demand, 0.36%Subscribe now4400
59ARI NetworkeCommercePartSmart, 14.29%Subscribe now387
60ArisGlobalERP Services and Operations ManagementArisGlobal agCloud, 3.9%Subscribe now700
61ArkadinCollaboration, Customer Relationship ManagementBlueJeans, Arkadin Anytime, Arkadin Anywhere, 63.64%Subscribe now1385
62ArkievaSupply Chain ManagementSCP, S&OP42.66%Subscribe now110
63Aspect SoftwareCustomer Relationship ManagementAspect Cloud, -16.67%Subscribe now1900
64Aspen TechnologyERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Supply Chain ManagementaspenONE Exchange, 0.47%Subscribe now1372
65Astea InternationalCustomer Relationship ManagementServiceVision™, Astea Alliance, FX Mobility Express™, FX Service Center®, FX e-Service™, 23.32%Subscribe now186
66Astron SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementFlare Talent Management Suite, 0%Subscribe now10
67Atlas Business SolutionsHuman Capital, ScheduleBase.com50%Subscribe now18
68AtlassianCollaboration, IT Service Management, Project Portfolio ManagementAtlassian Cloud, 17.21%Subscribe now600
69ATOSSHuman Capital ManagementATTOS Workforce, ATOSS Time Control3.57%Subscribe now400
70AUA Industria Ltd.Human Capital ManagementAUA Cloud, 100%Subscribe now80
71AureaERP Services and Operations ManagementAurea Cloud for CX, 5%Subscribe now1000
72AurionHuman Capital ManagementAurion Payroll, Aurion Analytics, Aurion Talent, Aurion Utilities16.67%Subscribe now120
73AutodeskAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Project Portfolio ManagementA360, BIM 360, Character Generator, Fusion, ReCap, -29.53%Subscribe now9500
74Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc.Human Capital ManagementAPS Payroll, 7.14%Subscribe now102
75AutomatticContent Management,, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Polldaddy, 33.79%Subscribe now631
76Avaya Inc.Collaboration, Customer Relationship ManagementAvayaLive Cloud, -25%Subscribe now17000
77AVEVA GroupProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringAVEVA Engage, -5%Subscribe now1500
78Axiom SoftwareTreasury and Risk ManagementRiskMonitor (Enterprise-Wide Financial Risk Management and Global Derivatives Market Solutions), ControllerView (Regulatory Reporting and Financial Control), Basel 123 (Global Capital Adequacy and Reporting for Financial Institutions), Form PF Module (Reporting Solution), Integration Center (Enterprise Data Integration and Management platform), Dynamic Data Warehouse (Enterprise-Wide Information Systems)39.64%Subscribe now600
79Axios SystemsIT Service Managementassyst, 2.22%Subscribe now220
80BackbaseCustomer Relationship ManagementBanking-as-a-Service (BaaS), Backbase Cloud55.15%Subscribe now365
81BambooHRHuman Capital ManagementBambooHR, 33.33%Subscribe now250
82BasWareCollaboration, ERP Financial Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementBasware, 3.7%Subscribe now1713
83Bazaarvoice Inc.Customer Relationship ManagementBazaarvoice Cloud , 8.28%Subscribe now826
84Beamery.comHuman Capital ManagementTalent CRM, Talent Marketing51.52%Subscribe now50
85Beekeeper AGHuman Capital, 66.67%Subscribe now60
86BELLINTreasury and Risk ManagementBELLIN tm5, 0%Subscribe now100
87BenifyHuman Capital ManagementBenify, 15.38%Subscribe now300
88Bentley Systems Inc.Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringBentley Connect, 0.4%Subscribe now3000
89beqomHuman Capital ManagementBeqom Total Compensation Cloud, 33.33%Subscribe now120
90Bilin YazılımHuman Capital ManagementHumanist, 0%Subscribe now60
91Birst, a Infor CompanyAnalytics and BIBirst, 26.92%Subscribe now300
92BizLibraryHuman Capital ManagementBizLibrary, 25%Subscribe now100
93BiznusSoft Inc.Human Capital ManagementBiznusSoft Field Service 360, BiznusSoft HR Cloud, BiznusSoft Finance, 100%Subscribe now60
94BlackLineERP Financial ManagementBlackLine Finance Controls & Automation Platform, 56%Subscribe now750
95BLR ComplianceHuman Capital ManagementBLR, 25%Subscribe now300
96Blue Jay SolutionsSupply Chain ManagementKewill MOVE, LeanTMS5.54%Subscribe now1100
97BluebeamERP Services and Operations ManagementBluebeam Revu, 18.18%Subscribe now1750
98BluePayERP Financial ManagementBluePay, 11.11%Subscribe now250
99BMC Software, Inc.IT Service ManagementBMC Remedy OnDemand, BMC Remedyforce8%Subscribe now6900
100BOARD InternationalAnalytics and BI, Enterprise Performance ManagementBOARD Cloud, 33.33%Subscribe now250
101Bodet GroupHuman Capital ManagementBodet Time and Attendance, 12.5%Subscribe now690
102Bottomline TechnologiesAnalytics and BI, Content Management, ERP Financial ManagementBottomline PT-X, -26.97%Subscribe now1500
103BounceXCustomer Relationship ManagementBehavioral ID Engine, Behavioral Email, Exit Intent, Behavioral CMS, BEHAVIORAL AUDIENCES, 60%Subscribe now200
104BountyJobsHuman Capital ManagementBountyJobs, 33.33%Subscribe now200
105Box Inc.Collaboration, Content ManagementBox, 32.29%Subscribe now1495
106BravoSolutionProcurementBravoAdvantage, Procure-to-pay, Procurement Analytics, 17.3%Subscribe now650
107Brazen TechnologiesHuman Capital ManagementBrazen Recruiting & HR Platform, Brazen Online Event Platform100%Subscribe now60
108breatheHRHuman Capital ManagementbreatheHR, 51.52%Subscribe now16
109BrilentHuman Capital ManagementBrilent, 51.52%Subscribe now30
110BroadSoftCollaboration, Customer Relationship ManagementTeam-One, UC-One, CC-One, BroadSoft Hub, BroadCloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) , 33.39%Subscribe now1520
111Brooks AutomationERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Supply Chain ManagementBrooks Semiconductor Automation Solutions, 5.59%Subscribe now1426
112Burning Glass TechnologiesHuman Capital ManagementLabor Insight, Program Insight, JobPulse, LENS, NOVA, 50%Subscribe now250
113BusinessolverHuman Capital ManagementBenefitsolver, 100%Subscribe now600
114CA TechnologiesIT Service ManagementCA Clarity, 2.5%Subscribe now11600
115Calabrio, Inc.Human Capital ManagementCalabrio ONE, 12.5%Subscribe now280
116CammioHuman Capital ManagementCammio Cloud, 127.27%Subscribe now10
117CAMMSEnterprise Performance ManagementEPM software, SYCLE , eCuria, Revumap36.36%Subscribe now300
118CandidateIDHuman Capital ManagementCandidateID, 100%Subscribe now50
119Capabiliti by Qustn Technologies, Inc.Human Capital ManagementCapabiliti LMS, 100%Subscribe now40
120CardConnect, a First Data companyERP Financial ManagementCardConnect CardPointe, Princeton Payment CardConnect, Princeton Payment CardSecure, 50%Subscribe now450
121CareerArcHuman Capital ManagementCareerArc, 50%Subscribe now100
122CareerBuilderHuman Capital ManagementWorkTerra HCM, 4.17%Subscribe now3000
123Carval Computing LimitedHuman Capital ManagementCarval Cloud, 0%Subscribe now35
124CAS Software AGCustomer Relationship ManagementCAS genesisWorld, -2.27%Subscribe now450
125Castlight HealthERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital ManagementCastlight Medical, Enterprise Healthcare Cloud, Jiff, 34.94%Subscribe now470
126CatalystOne SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementCatalystOne, 25%Subscribe now100
127CCM7Human Capital ManagementCCM7 Workforce, 42.86%Subscribe now65
128Centage CorporationEnterprise Performance ManagementBudget Maestr, Analytics Maestro, Link Maestro, 17.65%Subscribe now80
129CentricERP Services and Operations ManagementCentric Cloud PLM, -10.26%Subscribe now5000
130CeridianHuman Capital ManagementDayforce HCM, InView, 5%Subscribe now9000
131Cezanne HRHuman Capital ManagementCezanne HR, 66.67%Subscribe now40
132ChecksterHuman Capital ManagementCheckster, 50%Subscribe now40
133ChoicelinxHuman Capital ManagementBenefits Insight, 50%Subscribe now70
134Cincom Systems Inc.Analytics and BI, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementCincom CPQ, 2.4%Subscribe now700
135CIPHRHuman Capital ManagementCIPHR SaaS, 35.14%Subscribe now85
136CircadianHuman Capital ManagementCIRCADIAN Fatigue Risk Management Software, 66.67%Subscribe now70
137Cisco SystemsCollaboration, Customer Relationship ManagementCisco Infinite Video Platform, Cisco Spark, Cisco WebEx, Energy Management Suite, Metacloud, 42.32%Subscribe now75049
138CitrixCollaborationCitrix Workspace Cloud, Podio11.63%Subscribe now9000
139ClarabridgeCustomer Relationship ManagementClarabridge CX Suite, 29.55%Subscribe now300
140ClearCompanyHuman Capital ManagementClearCompany Talent Platform, 33.33%Subscribe now70
141CloudCrazeeCommerceCloudCraze, 36.36%Subscribe now100
142ClustreeHuman Capital ManagementClustree HCM Cloud, 51.52%Subscribe now30
143Comarch SoftMCustomer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementComarch Cloud, -4.26%Subscribe now3500
144ComOps LimitedHuman Capital ManagementComOps WFM, 25%Subscribe now70
145ComplyRightHuman Capital ManagementHRdirect, 33.33%Subscribe now250
146Computer Methods International Corp.ERP Services and Operations ManagementCMiC xCloud, 3.05%Subscribe now250
147Computer Modeling GroupERP Services and Operations ManagementCMG Cloud, 15.25%Subscribe now212
148Concentra OrgVueHuman Capital ManagementOrgVue, 50%Subscribe now100
149ConcentrixAnalytics and BI, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementVisionMAX, 25%Subscribe now100000
150Constant ContactCustomer Relationship ManagementConstant Contact Email Marketing, Constant Contact SinglePlatform0.3%Subscribe now2500
151Constellation Software Inc.Analytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, ProcurementFriedman ERP for hosting, 18.52%Subscribe now10700
152ContigoERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementenTrader, 7.69%Subscribe now240
153Control iDHuman Capital ManagementControl iD HR cloud, 25%Subscribe now65
154ConveyIQHuman Capital ManagementConveyIQ Talent Platform, 40%Subscribe now60
155CoreHRHuman Capital ManagementCoreHR, 12.5%Subscribe now379
156CoresystemsERP Services and Operations ManagementCoresystems Cloud, 30.91%Subscribe now140
157CorporaterEnterprise Performance ManagementCorporater EPM, 11.11%Subscribe now100
158Coupa SoftwareProcurementCoupa, 55.88%Subscribe now450
159CovisintProcurement, Supply Chain ManagementCovisint, -3.33%Subscribe now630
160Criteria Corp.Human Capital ManagementHireSelect, 66.67%Subscribe now50
161Criterion HCMHuman Capital ManagementCriterion HCM, 25%Subscribe now30
162CrossKnowledgeHuman Capital ManagementCrossKnowledge Learning Experience System, CrossKnowledge Mohive16.67%Subscribe now350
163CrownpeakCustomer Relationship ManagementDXM and DQM, 38.84%Subscribe now130
164CrunchrHuman Capital ManagementCrunchr apps, 100%Subscribe now40
165CubiksHuman Capital ManagementCubiks 360, 0%Subscribe now220
166CURA Software SolutionsTreasury and Risk ManagementGRC, SaaS60.3%Subscribe now82
167CventCollaboration, ProcurementCrowdCompass by Cvent, Cvent Conference Management, Cvent Hospitality Cloud , Cvent Meetings Management Software , Event Cloud Management Platform , Inquisium (Cvent Web Surveys )20%Subscribe now1910
168CybozuCollaborationkintone, 2.86%Subscribe now408
169Dassault SystemesAnalytics and BI, Content Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Supply Chain Management3DEXPERIENCE Portfolio On Cloud, 6.25%Subscribe now14000
170DataOceanHuman Capital ManagementDataOcean, 66.67%Subscribe now50
171DataOn CorpHuman Capital ManagementSunFish, 25%Subscribe now200
172Datawatch Corp.Analytics and BI, Content ManagementDatawatch Monarch (Monarch Server), Panopticon (Panopticon Designer, Panopticon Server)0%Subscribe now150
173DATEVERP Financial Management, Human Capital ManagementDATEV Cloud, 2.59%Subscribe now6500
174DATIS HR Cloud, IncHuman Capital ManagementDATIS HR Cloud, 11.11%Subscribe now35
175DeemCustomer Relationship Management, eCommerce, ERP Financial ManagementDeem, -2.17%Subscribe now400
176Dell EMCAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service ManagementEMC OnDemand, 6.1%Subscribe now70000
177Deltek, a Roper Technologies CompanyCustomer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Project Portfolio Management, ProcurementCostpoint in the Cloud, Deltek Cloud ERP, Deltek Maconomy SaaS ERP , Deltek Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software, Deltek Talent Management, Deltek TrafficLIVE, GovWin IQ, Vision SaaS ERP6.76%Subscribe now2200
178Deluxe Corp.Analytics and BI, Customer Relationship ManagementVerticalResponse, 20%Subscribe now5830
179Demand Management, Inc.Supply Chain ManagementDemand Solutions DSX, 44%Subscribe now150
180Descartes Systems GroupSupply Chain ManagementTransportation Management Suite, 6.67%Subscribe now1015
181Digital RiverCustomer Relationship Management, eCommerceDigital River Global Commerce, Digital River World Payments10%Subscribe now1317
182Dimas de Melo Pimenta Sistemas de Ponto e AcessoHuman Capital ManagementDMP Access, DMP Parking, DMP Kairos, 100%Subscribe now300
183DLI-IT Systems GroupHuman Capital ManagementHR Works, Time & Attendance System by DLI33.33%Subscribe now100
184DocuSign, Inc.Content ManagementDocuSign eSignature,33.33%Subscribe now2200
185DocuWareContent ManagementDocuWare Cloud,3.12%Subscribe now265
186DomoAnalytics and BIDomo, 36.99%Subscribe now800
187dormakaba GroupHuman Capital ManagementKaba Mobile, 8.7%Subscribe now16000
188DoxeeCollaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship ManagementDoxee Enterprise Communication Platform , 23.97%Subscribe now150
189DropboxCollaboration, Content ManagementDropbox, 30.42%Subscribe now1500
190Duzon DigitalwareERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementDuzon cloud, 7.14%Subscribe now1000
191E-Focus Industrial Co., LtdHuman Capital ManagementE-Focus Time & Attendance, 33.33%Subscribe now600
192E2open, LLCProcurement, Supply Chain ManagementE2open Cloud, 10.81%Subscribe now1500
193Easy ClockingHuman Capital ManagementEasy Clocking, 16.67%Subscribe now180
194easyRECrueHuman Capital ManagementeasyRECrue, 66.67%Subscribe now45
195EcovaERP Services and Operations ManagementEcova Efficiency Platform, -6.25%Subscribe now1300
196Efficy CRMCustomer Relationship ManagementEfficy CRM, 10%Subscribe now100
197eGain CorporationCustomer Relationship ManagementeGain Cloud for Customer Engagement, -10.71%Subscribe now681
198ELMO Talent Management SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementElmo HR Core, Elmo Recruitment, Elmo Onboarding, Elmo Performance, Elmo Succession, Elmo Learning, Elmo Course Builder, 20%Subscribe now100
199EmarsysCustomer Relationship ManagementB2C Marketing Cloud, Email Marketing Automation36.36%Subscribe now600
200EmCentrixHuman Capital ManagementEmCentrix, 66.67%Subscribe now80
201Empxtrack IncHuman Capital ManagementEmpxtrack , 25%Subscribe now175
202Enablon, a Wolters Kluwer CompanyERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Treasury and Risk ManagementEnablon, 5.26%Subscribe now400
203Endeavour Africa LimitedHuman Capital ManagementHR Master, 0%Subscribe now125
204Endouble.comHuman Capital ManagementEndouble Talent Acquisition Platform, 13.64%Subscribe now65
205EPAY SystemsHuman Capital ManagementEPAY Systems, 25%Subscribe now109
206EpicorCustomer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementEpicor Cloud ERP, Epicor Retail Cloud, Epicor SaaS HR, 1.54%Subscribe now3800
207EpiserverContent Management, Customer Relationship ManagementEpiserver Digital Experience Cloud, 15.91%Subscribe now550
208Equifax Workforce SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementEquifax ACA Management Platform, 22.22%Subscribe now8000
209Esker SACollaborationEsker on Demand, 6.12%Subscribe now320
210eSSL SecurityHuman Capital ManagementeSSL Time and Attendance, 50%Subscribe now150
211EventbriteCollaborationEventBrite, 60%Subscribe now800
212EvernoteContent ManagementEvernote, 20%Subscribe now400
213EverteamContent Managementeverteam.process, 33.33%Subscribe now250
214Eviska Infotech Pvt. Ltd.Human Capital ManagementWetos, 25%Subscribe now40
215EXA CorpProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringPowerFLOW, 12.96%Subscribe now322
216ExactHireHuman Capital ManagementExactHire, 21.21%Subscribe now22
217eXant Software Polska Sp. z o.o.Human Capital ManagementeXant HRM, eXant CRM100%Subscribe now20
218Exela Technologies, Inc.ERP Services and Operations ManagementBancPay , TransCentra's Cloud-0.13%Subscribe now23000
219Fairsail, a Sage CompanyHuman Capital ManagementFairsail, 25%Subscribe now118
220Farsight IT SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementPeople Reckoner, 33.33%Subscribe now85
221Fatigue Management InternationalHuman Capital ManagementASTiD, Fatigue RADAR38.89%Subscribe now15
222Fatigue ScienceHuman Capital ManagementFatigue Science, 16.67%Subscribe now40
223FICOAnalytics and BI, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementFICO Analytic Cloud, 1.14%Subscribe now2803
224FieldAwareERP Services and Operations ManagementScheduling and Dispatching, Work Order Management, Ad Hoc Reporting, True Crew28.34%Subscribe now160
225FinancialForce.comERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital ManagementFinancialForce,32.35%Subscribe now700
226First DataCustomer Relationship Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementClover, 20%Subscribe now24000
227FiservCustomer Relationship Management, eCommerce, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementFiserv Cloud for Core Banking, 4.99%Subscribe now22000
228Five9Customer Relationship ManagementFive9 Cloud, 22.81%Subscribe now630
229Flapps Inc.Human Capital ManagementFlapps, 36.36%Subscribe now12
230Flex ApplicationsHuman Capital ManagementFlex HRM, 30.43%Subscribe now70
231FlipickHuman Capital ManagementFlipick, 0%Subscribe now175
232Flock SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementFlock, 53.85%Subscribe now30
233FMP HR & Payroll SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementAmity, 7.69%Subscribe now125
234Fond, formerly AnyPerkHuman Capital ManagementFond Rewards, Fond Perks, EngagementIQ by Fond, 50%Subscribe now60
235Fortuna Impex Pte. Ltd.Human Capital ManagementMIS Time Pro ENTERPRISE, 0%Subscribe now70
236FOURGEN Information Systems (Pvt) LtdHuman Capital ManagementCloud Tenants, 0%Subscribe now100
237FraedomERP Financial Management, ProcurementFraedom Travel and Expense Management, 6.06%Subscribe now365
238FreshBooksERP Financial ManagementFreshBooks, 19.05%Subscribe now280
239Freshworks (formerly Freshdesk)Customer Relationship Management, IT Service ManagementFreshDesk (Customer Support), FreshService (ITSM), FreshSales (Sales CRM), FreshCaller (Call Center), FreshTeam (ATS), FreshChat (Customer Messaging)27.27%Subscribe now1000
240Frontier SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementCHRIS21, 20%Subscribe now380
241FurstPersonHuman Capital ManagementFurstPerson Pre-Employment Assessments, 150%Subscribe now60
242FuturMasterSupply Chain ManagementSales Planning & Budgeting, Advanced Launch Management, Demand Management, Advanced Promotion Management28.16%Subscribe now140
243FuzeCollaboration, Customer Relationship ManagementUnified Communications 101, Enterprise collaboration 101, Cloud PBX, UCaaS 101, Video conferencing 101, Cloud communications 10145.45%Subscribe now1000
244GAINSystemsSupply Chain ManagementGAINS, 52.73%Subscribe now45
245Gargour TechnologiesHuman Capital ManagementGargour, 50%Subscribe now95
246GemaltoERP Services and Operations ManagementGemalto Cloud , 17.65%Subscribe now14000
247Generix GroupERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementGenerix Cloud , 8.33%Subscribe now550
248Genesys Telecommunications LaboratoriesCustomer Relationship Management, Human Capital ManagementGenesys PureCloud, Genesys PureConnect, Genesys PureEngage, 12.08%Subscribe now2720
249Genuine Technology & Research Ltd.Human Capital ManagementGTATT, 100%Subscribe now110
250Gerber TechnologyProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringYuniquePLM in the Cloud, 9.09%Subscribe now885
251GHG CorporationHuman Capital ManagementClockwise, 33.33%Subscribe now400
252Glint, Inc.Human Capital ManagementGlint, 50%Subscribe now75
253Global Shop SolutionsERP Financial Management, Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringOne-System ERP, 2.27%Subscribe now235
254Global Software Inc.ERP Financial ManagementSpreadsheet Server , 8.41%Subscribe now140
255GlobePayroll Human Capital ManagementGlobePayroll, 50%Subscribe now20 Inc.Human Capital ManagementGoco HR cloud, 36.36%Subscribe now20
257GoodDataAnalytics and BIGoodData Platform, 20%Subscribe now350
258GoogleAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content ManagementGoogle G Suite, 41.56%Subscribe now47756
259gr8 People Inc.Human Capital Managementgr8 People Talent Platform, 33.33%Subscribe now30
260Great HiresHuman Capital ManagementGreat Hires, 36.36%Subscribe now15
261Greenhouse SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementGreenhouse Software, 6.25%Subscribe now225
262GreenJobInterview, a Montage CompanyHuman Capital ManagementGreenJob Live, GreenJob One-Way, GreenJob Mobile, 66.67%Subscribe now30
263Grosvenor TechnologyHuman Capital ManagementGrosvenor Workforce Management, 53.85%Subscribe now100
264Group AssecoERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, ProcurementAsseco's ERP Cloud, 12.24%Subscribe now12000
265GrovoHuman Capital ManagementGrovo, 25%Subscribe now200
266Grupo SPECHuman Capital ManagementnetTime 5, 0%Subscribe now80
267GtreasuryTreasury and Risk ManagementONE Enterprise Treasury, 13.64%Subscribe now55
268Guidance SoftwareERP Services and Operations ManagementEnCase, -2.78%Subscribe now500
269GuideSparkHuman Capital ManagementGuideSpark, 25%Subscribe now280
270GustoHuman Capital ManagementGusto, 48.57%Subscribe now500
271Halogen SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementHalogen Cloud, 13.56%Subscribe now450
272HarmanERP Services and Operations ManagementHarman Cloud Platform, 3.75%Subscribe now29000
273HarQenHuman Capital ManagementHarQen, 36.36%Subscribe now20
274Health e(fx)Human Capital ManagementHealth e(fx), 25%Subscribe now80
275HEAT SoftwareIT Service ManagementHEAT Cloud Service Management, 5.26%Subscribe now450
276HeavenHRHuman Capital ManagementHeavenHR, 100%Subscribe now50
277Hewlett Packard EnterpriseAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, ERP Financial ManagementApplication Performance Management on SaaS, Fortify on Demand, HP BAC Anywhere, Performance Anywhere, Performance Center on SaaS, Quality Center on SaaS, 2.1%Subscribe now240000
278HexagonAnalytics and BI, Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringIntergraph SmartPlant Cloud, Leica CloudPro Point0.33%Subscribe now15900
279HighGroundHuman Capital ManagementHighGroun, 50%Subscribe now70
280HilanHuman Capital ManagementHilian HR, 50%Subscribe now172
281HireRightHuman Capital ManagementHireRight, 12.5%Subscribe now1650
282HiringThingHuman Capital ManagementHiringThing, 36.36%Subscribe now10
283Hitachi VantaraAnalytics and BIPentaho Cloud Business Analytics, 10%Subscribe now500
284HITS SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementHITS Cloud HR and PAYROLL, 33.33%Subscribe now150
285Honeywell InternationalProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringHoneywell's Asset Management solution, 1.82%Subscribe now127000
286HootsuiteCustomer Relationship ManagementHootSuite, 23.86%Subscribe now1000
287Host Analytics, Inc.Enterprise Performance ManagementHost Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform, 24.14%Subscribe now320
288HR CloudHuman Capital ManagementHR Cloud (Workmates, Kudos, Onboard, People ), 20%Subscribe now150
289HR Performance SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementPerformance Pro, 12.5%Subscribe now100
290HR Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Human Capital ManagementHR Software Solutions, 100%Subscribe now50
291HR-TechnologiesHuman Capital ManagementEasyToRecruit, 25%Subscribe now30
292HR3 Pty LtdHuman Capital ManagementHR3 Cloud, 100%Subscribe now30
293HRM Software ABHuman Capital ManagementHRM, 25%Subscribe now50
294HRWareHuman Capital ManagementAperio HR, 25%Subscribe now25
295hSenid Business Solutions(Pvt) ltdHuman Capital ManagementPeoplesHR, 0%Subscribe now275
296Hubble by insightsoftware.comEnterprise Performance ManagementHubble Cloud, 45.45%Subscribe now145
297Hubbub (Ode Systems Inc.)Human Capital ManagementHubbub, 36.36%Subscribe now30
298HubSpotCustomer Relationship ManagementHubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot Sales, 51.79%Subscribe now1157, Inc.Human Capital ManagementHumanity (ShiftPlanning), 22.22%Subscribe now124
300HylandContent ManagementOnBase Cloud, 14.15%Subscribe now3000
301I-9 AdvantageHuman Capital ManagementI-9 Advantage, I-9 Medic, I-9 Remote, 51.52%Subscribe now15
302IBMAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, Enterprise Performance Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, IT Service Management, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Sales Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementClearleap, IBM Campaign, IBM Commerce on Cloud, IBM Configure, Price, Quote, IBM Customers Experiene Analytics, IBM Interact, IBM Marketing Cloud, IBM Procurement, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Kenexa, Sterling, Ustream2.99%Subscribe now377757
303ICHR Solutions Ltd.Human Capital ManagementUniHR Cloud, UniPayroll Cloud66.67%Subscribe now30
304iCIMSHuman Capital ManagementiCIMS Connect, iCIMS Onboard, iCIMS Recruit, 60%Subscribe now650
305Ideal.comHuman Capital ManagementIdeal, 13.64%Subscribe now15
306IdentiSysHuman Capital ManagementIdentiSys SpIDer ID Web-Based Credential Management System, 100%Subscribe now160
307IFSCollaboration, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementIFS Cloud, 0.45%Subscribe now2800
308Ignite TechnologiesHuman Capital ManagementIgnite Live, NuView HRMS-10.34%Subscribe now150
309Impartner SoftwareCustomer Relationship ManagementImpartner PRM, 33.33%Subscribe now95
310impraiseHuman Capital ManagementImpraise, 25%Subscribe now40
311Indra SistemasERP Services and Operations ManagementIndra Multiple Cloud Solutions, 0%Subscribe now37060
312Info-Tech Systems Integrators Pte LtdHuman Capital ManagementInfopay, 25%Subscribe now45
313InforAnalytics and BI, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementCloudSuite Aerospace & Defense, CloudSuite Automotive, CloudSuite Business, CloudSuite Business (SMB), CloudSuite Corporate, CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, CloudSuite Facilities, CloudSuite Fashion, CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management, CloudSuite Food & Beverage, CloudSuite HCM, CloudSuite Healthcare, CloudSuite Hospitality, CloudSuite Industrial (Enterprise Edition), CloudSuite Industrial (SMB), CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), CloudSuite Public Sector, Infor Configure Price Quote, Infor CRM, Infor HR Service Delivery, Infor Learning Management, Infor Marketing Resource, Infor Rhythm E-commerce & Collaboration Platform, Infor SCM, Infor Service Management, Infor Talent Management, Infor Talent Science, Infor Workforce Management4.85%Subscribe now15970
314InformaticaAnalytics and BIInformatica Cloud, 12.5%Subscribe now3600
315Information Builders Inc.Analytics and BIiWay Big Data Integrator, 1.91%Subscribe now1700
316IngentisHuman Capital ManagementIngentis org.manager, 1.85%Subscribe now63
317InMomentCustomer Relationship ManagementExperience Hub, 26.92%Subscribe now300
318InsideSales.comAnalytics and BI, Customer Relationship, 48.15%Subscribe now70
319Insite SoftwareeCommerce, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementInsiteCommerce, InsitePortfolio, InsiteAnalytics, 45.45%Subscribe now150
320Intelex TechnologiesProduct LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Treasury and Risk ManagementEcocion, Intelex Cloud5.56%Subscribe now356
321Intelligo Software LtdHuman Capital ManagementMEGAHR, 66.67%Subscribe now50
322Intense TechnologiesCustomer Relationship ManagementUniServe™ NXT, UniServeTM OrderAssure, UniServeTM Onboard, UniServeTM 1Vu, UniServeTM Assure, UniServeTM 360, UniServeTM E-hub, UniServeTM CorpCare35.12%Subscribe now800
323InterDynamicsHuman Capital ManagementFAID Quantum, 17.65%Subscribe now20
324Interflex Datensysteme GmbH & Co. KGHuman Capital ManagementInterflex Datensysteme Workforce Management, 16.67%Subscribe now500
325InterviewedHuman Capital ManagementInterviewed, 33.33%Subscribe now20
326InterviewStreamHuman Capital ManagementInterviewStream Prep, InterviewStream Hire10%Subscribe now40
327Intralinks Holdings, Inc.CollaborationIntralinks Cloud , 4.17%Subscribe now930
328Intranet DASHBOARDHuman Capital ManagementiD, 66.67%Subscribe now60
329IntraWorldsHuman Capital ManagementIntraWorlds’ Platform, 66.67%Subscribe now70
330ION TradingTreasury and Risk ManagementWallstreet Treasury SaaS, Reval Treasury and Risk Management6.67%Subscribe now1600
331iqDynamics Pte LtdHuman Capital ManagementHRIQ HRMS, HRIQ TALENT, IQSCHOOL, IQKIDZ33.33%Subscribe now60
332IQNavigatorERP Financial Management, Human Capital Management, ProcurementIQNavigator, 6.76%Subscribe now450
333IRIS SoftwareERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital ManagementIRIS Cloud Solutions, 5.56%Subscribe now600
334ISGUS Vertriebs GmbHHuman Capital ManagementZEUS Time & Attendance, 100%Subscribe now180
335ISIS Papyrus SoftwareContent ManagementPapyrus Document System, Papyrus WebRepository, Papyrus Adapters and Typemanagers, Papyrus WebControl, Papyrus WebArchive™, Papyrus DocEXEC, Papyrus Postprocessing, PrintPool, PostCalc, 45.45%Subscribe now350
336iSolved Human Capital ManagementHuman Capital ManagementiSolved Cloud, 12.2%Subscribe now500
337ITCONS e-Solution Private LimitedHuman Capital ManagementITCONS Talent Management Suite, 20%Subscribe now150
338IvaluaProcurementEnd to End spend management, SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, sourcing, contracts, procurement, Invoicing solutions48.76%Subscribe now220
339IvantiIT Service ManagementWavelink, Naurtech heritage, AVALANCHE, Speakeasy, ITAM Suite, Ivanti Service Manager127.27%Subscribe now2000
340Jahia SolutionsCustomer Relationship ManagementJahia Experience Cloud, 43.54%Subscribe now80
341JDA Software Group, Inc.Customer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementJDA Enterprise Planning, 1.87%Subscribe now4800
342Jedox Enterprise Performance ManagementJedox , 22.22%Subscribe now100
343Jive Software, a Aurea CompanyCollaboration, Customer Relationship ManagementJive Platform, 3.89%Subscribe now721
344JobalineHuman Capital ManagementJobaline, 25%Subscribe now35
345JobvibeHuman Capital ManagementJobVibe, 21.21%Subscribe now10
346Johnson ControlsProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringMetasys Software, 1.82%Subscribe now150000
347Jolt Task Management SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementJolt, 15.38%Subscribe now28
348KBC Advanced Technologies plcERP Services and Operations Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementIndustrial Knowledge, 2.38%Subscribe now800
349KDSERP Financial ManagementKDS Travel and Expense Management, 5.13%Subscribe now350
350Kentico SoftwareeCommerceKentico’s E-commerce solution, Kentico’s WCM solution, Online Marketing solution, Intranet and Collaboration solution25.45%Subscribe now200
351KeyedIn Solutions, Inc.ERP Financial ManagementKonfigure®, KeyedIn Projects, KeyedIn Manufacturing, 36.36%Subscribe now100
352KeyprocessorHuman Capital ManagementiProtect, 100%Subscribe now65
353KinaxisERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Supply Chain ManagementKinaxis RapidResponse for Cloud based Supply Chain Management, 24.24%Subscribe now350
354KNOLSKAPEHuman Capital ManagementKNOLSKAPE, 20%Subscribe now120
355KofaxContent ManagementKofax5.48%Subscribe now14000
356KooomoeCommerceKooomo, 52.73%Subscribe now100 - Finnet Limited Human Capital, 100%Subscribe now80
358Kronos IncorporatedHuman Capital ManagementKronos SaaShr, Kronos Workforce Central, Kronos Workforce Ready, 8.94%Subscribe now4800
359Kuwait Computer ServicesHuman Capital ManagementKuwait Enterprise Solutions, 100%Subscribe now70
360KyribaTreasury and Risk ManagementKyriba Enterprise, 30.95%Subscribe now400
361Landmark, a Halliburton business lineProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringLandmark E&P Cloud, 1.82%Subscribe now55000
362LanteriaHuman Capital ManagementLanteria HR, 20%Subscribe now50
363LaserficheContent ManagementLaserfiche Cloud, 33.33%Subscribe now350
364LathemHuman Capital ManagementPayClock, 60%Subscribe now49
365LaunchPad RecruitsHuman Capital ManagementLaunchPad’s recruitment technology platform, 40%Subscribe now50
366Leoforce, Inc.Human Capital ManagementArya, 20%Subscribe now175
367Lessonly, Inc.Human Capital ManagementLessonly, 60%Subscribe now60
368Lever, Inc.Human Capital ManagementLever, 71.43%Subscribe now130
369LG lugar de genteHuman Capital ManagementGen.te Suite, Suite.W3, Suíte.Eguru, 8.92%Subscribe now439
370Liferay, IncContent Management, Customer Relationship ManagementLiferay DXP, Digital Experience Platform, Documents, Digital Assets and Social Content30.91%Subscribe now650
371Limton Group of CompaniesHuman Capital ManagementLimton Cloud, 60%Subscribe now150
372LinkedinHuman Capital ManagementLinkedin Talent Solutions, 56.86%Subscribe now9732
373ListrakCustomer Relationship ManagementSMS, Mobile, Email Marketing, and Content Personalization40.26%Subscribe now258
374Lithium TechnologiesCustomer Relationship ManagementLithium Social Customer Experience, 11.69%Subscribe now500
375LiveOpsCustomer Relationship ManagementSerenova (formerly LiveOps Cloud), 9.53%Subscribe now800
376LivePerson Inc.Customer Relationship ManagementLiveEngage, -5.24%Subscribe now1058
377Logi AnalyticsAnalytics and BILogi Info, 10.53%Subscribe now200
378Logility, Inc.Supply Chain ManagementLogility Cloud Services, Logility Voyager Solutions™, Demand Solutions®, 32.68%Subscribe now250
379LogMeIn, Inc.CollaborationCubby Pro, GoToMeeting,, LogMeIn Backup, LogMeIn Central, LogMeIn Hamachi, LogMeIn Pro, 25%Subscribe now1000
380LuccaHuman Capital ManagementFiggo, Cleemy, Poplee, Pagga, Timmi, 40%Subscribe now50
381M-FilesContent ManagementM-Files, 27.79%Subscribe now400
382Madis BrazilHuman Capital ManagementMadis Cloud, 60%Subscribe now300
383Madison Performance GroupHuman Capital ManagementMaestro Cloud, 40%Subscribe now125
384Maestro HealthHuman Capital ManagementmaestroEDGE, 25%Subscribe now275
385MagentoeCommerceMagento Enterprise Cloud Edition, 5%Subscribe now500
386ManageEngineIT Service ManagementAD360, ADaudit Plus, ADmanager Plus, AlarmsOne, Cloud security plus, Desktop Central, Eventlog Analyzer, Log360, Patch Connect Plus, 118.18%Subscribe now100
387Mantra Softech India Pvt LtdHuman Capital ManagementIRIS, 40%Subscribe now120
388MarketoCustomer Relationship ManagementMarketo, 30.43%Subscribe now1500
389MaropostCustomer Relationship ManagementMaropost Marketing Cloud, Maropost Sales Cloud75.49%Subscribe now150
390Marsh ClearSightTreasury and Risk ManagementMarsh ClearSight, 6.25%Subscribe now500
391[email protected]Human Capital ManagementMassMutual Automation Cloud, 60%Subscribe now10600
392Matrix ComsecHuman Capital ManagementMatrix Comsec, 40%Subscribe now520
393Maxwell HealthHuman Capital ManagementMaxwell Health, 20%Subscribe now175
394MBO PartnersHuman Capital ManagementMBO CONNECT, 60%Subscribe now450
395MentorcliQHuman Capital ManagementMentorcliQ, 60%Subscribe now25
396MercateoProcurementMercateo, 21.79%Subscribe now350
397MHRHuman Capital ManagementMHR, 20%Subscribe now550
398Microimage (Pvt) LtdHuman Capital ManagementMicroimage HCM Cloud, 33.33%Subscribe now70
399MicrosoftAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, IT Service Management, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementMicrosoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Office 365, 2%Subscribe now124293
400MicroStrategyAnalytics and BIMicroStrategy Cloud, 0.23%Subscribe now3180
401milch & zuckerHuman Capital ManagementE-Recruiting & TRM, 20%Subscribe now100
402MindflashHuman Capital ManagementLMS by Mindflash, 60%Subscribe now40
403Mindjet, a Corel CompanyContent ManagementMindManager, 0.69%Subscribe now300
404Miracle DynamicsHuman Capital ManagementMiracle Dynamics HR Apps, 60%Subscribe now30
405Missler SoftwareProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringTopSolid, 7.41%Subscribe now220
406MitrefinchHuman Capital ManagementMitrefinch Cloud, 20%Subscribe now97
407MOVE-ITHuman Capital ManagementMOHR, 60%Subscribe now40
408mroadsHuman Capital ManagementPaññã, 66.67%Subscribe now100
409MSC Software, a Hexagon CompanyProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringMSC One, 0%Subscribe now1200
410MuseHuman Capital ManagementThe Muse Recruiting Platform, 60%Subscribe now140
411MYOBERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital ManagementMYOB LiveAccounts, 31.66%Subscribe now1500
412NamelyHuman Capital ManagementNamely, 17.28%Subscribe now300
413NetDimensionsHuman Capital ManagementNetDimensions Secure SaaS, 14.29%Subscribe now180
414NetHireHuman Capital ManagementNetHire, 60%Subscribe now40
415nettime solutionsHuman Capital ManagementStratustime Cloud, 60%Subscribe now70
416NeudesicCollaboration, Human Capital ManagementNeudesic Pulse, Neudesic Review, Neudesic HRadvocate, 21.21%Subscribe now650
417Newgen SoftwareContent ManagementNewgen OmniFlow iBPS, OmniDocs ECM, OmniOMS CCM, Newgen OmniAcquire, Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework, Newgen OmniReports ERM, Newgen Invoice Processing System, Cheque Truncation System19.38%Subscribe now2380
418NGA Human ResourcesHuman Capital ManagementNGAhr Cloud, 13.33%Subscribe now6500
419Nice SystemsCustomer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Sales Performance ManagementCloud Contact Center Software Core Capabilities , Cloud Workforce Optimization, Nice Systems, 8.95%Subscribe now4500
420Noble SystemsCustomer Relationship ManagementNoble Cloud Solution, Noble Solution, Noble® Enterprise Solution, Noble® CallTech™ 26.55%Subscribe now400
421NOVAtime Technology, Inc.Human Capital ManagementNOVAtime , 20%Subscribe now100
422Nuance Communications Inc.Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementDragon Medical, Nuance Cloud-0.3%Subscribe now13500
423OBIC Co. Ltd.ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, ProcurementOBIC7, 3%Subscribe now1970
424Objective CorporationCollaboration, Content ManagementObjective Inform, Objective, Perform, Objective ECM, Objective Connect, Objective Keystone, Objective Trapeze, 9.09%Subscribe now240
425OctimeHuman Capital ManagementOCTIME, 20%Subscribe now175
426OdooCustomer Relationship Management, eCommerce, ERP Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain ManagementOdoo CRM, Odoo Accounting, Odoo HR, Odoo Project, Odoo Sales, Odoo Events, Odoo Marketing, 33.33%Subscribe now300
427OfficevibeHuman Capital ManagementOfficevibe, 60%Subscribe now20
428OM PartnersSupply Chain ManagementOMP Cloud, 39.39%Subscribe now400
429ON24CollaborationON24 Virtual Environments, ON24 Intelligence, ON24 Content Gateway, 71.43%Subscribe now420
430Onboarding TrackHuman Capital ManagementOnboardingTrac, 60%Subscribe now100
431OnboardIQHuman Capital ManagementFountain, 60%Subscribe now15
432OncorehcmHuman Capital ManagementOncore HCM cloud, 60%Subscribe now10
433One Network EnterprisesSupply Chain ManagementReal Time Value Network™ , 28.34%Subscribe now260
434One2TeamProject Portfolio ManagementNew Product Innovation, Multisite Deployment, IT Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), 45.45%Subscribe now75
435OneSpace.comHuman Capital ManagementOneSpace Direct, 0%Subscribe now200
436OneStream SoftwareEnterprise Performance ManagementOneStream XF Cloud, XF MarketPlace63.64%Subscribe now90
437Open Access Technology InternationalERP Financial Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementWebtrader for energy trading, 8%Subscribe now800
438Open Text CorporationAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, eCommerceEMC Documentum, GXS, OpenText Cloud, 10%Subscribe now8600
439OpenLink FinancialTreasury and Risk ManagementEndur, Findur, RightAngle, 12.5%Subscribe now1300
440Optalert LimitedHuman Capital ManagementOptalert, 20%Subscribe now45
441OptForceHuman Capital ManagementOptForce, 40%Subscribe now20
442Optimum Solutions, Inc.Human Capital ManagementOptiCloud, 40%Subscribe now67
443OracleAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, Enterprise Performance Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Sales Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementLogFire, NetSuite ERP, NetSuite HCM, NetSuite OneWorld , NetSuite PSA, NetSuite SCM, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud, Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle Hospitality Cloud Solutions, Oracle PPM Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle Social Cloud, Oracle Utilities Cloud, Oracle Utilities Opower Cloud, Textura Cloud Solutions4.99%Subscribe now140000
444OrangeHRMHuman Capital ManagementOrangeHRM Live, 66.67%Subscribe now98
445ORTECSupply Chain ManagementBig Data Portal, 6.06%Subscribe now800
446OSIsoftContent ManagementPI Cloud Connect, 16.67%Subscribe now1300
447OutMatchHuman Capital ManagementOutMatch, 16.67%Subscribe now100
448OverIT - Field SolutionsERP Services and Operations ManagementGeocall WFM, Geocall WFM Plant, SPACE 1, 36.36%Subscribe now300
449P&I AGHuman Capital ManagementP&I HR System, 5.26%Subscribe now400
450P2 Energy SolutionsERP Services and Operations ManagementP2 Excalibur Online, 7.69%Subscribe now700
451PageUpHuman Capital ManagementPageUp, 16.67%Subscribe now200
452Panorama SoftwareAnalytics and BI, Enterprise Performance ManagementPanorama Necto, 5.59%Subscribe now150
453Papaya GlobalHuman Capital ManagementPapaya Platform, 60%Subscribe now20
454PARiMHuman Capital ManagementPARiM Pro, 60%Subscribe now10
455PathgatherHuman Capital ManagementPathgather, 40%Subscribe now20
456PaychexHuman Capital ManagementPaychex, 7.69%Subscribe now13500
457PaycomHuman Capital ManagementPaycom Payroll and HCM, 47.95%Subscribe now1461
458PaycorHuman Capital ManagementPaycor's Perform, 15%Subscribe now1471
459PayDay Software SystemsHuman Capital ManagementPayDay HR, 40%Subscribe now60
460PaylineERP Services and Operations ManagementPayline, 50%Subscribe now70
461PaylocityHuman Capital ManagementPaylocity, 70%Subscribe now1320
462Paymetric, a Vantiv companyERP Financial ManagementPaymetric XiPay On-demand, 11.11%Subscribe now150
463PayScale, Inc.Human Capital ManagementPayScale Insight, 20%Subscribe now375
464PDSHuman Capital ManagementVista HRMS, 26.98%Subscribe now62
465PegasystemsCustomer Relationship ManagementPega Cloud, 13.18%Subscribe now4000
466People HRHuman Capital ManagementPeople HR Cloud, 60%Subscribe now45
467PeopleDoc Inc.Human Capital ManagementPeopleDoc, 20%Subscribe now180
468PeoplefluentHuman Capital ManagementPeoplefluent Cloud, 13.64%Subscribe now900
469PeoplesHRHuman Capital ManagementPeoplesHR Cloud, 60%Subscribe now10
470PeopleStrategyHuman Capital ManagementPeopleStrategy eHCM, 42.86%Subscribe now78
471PeopleStrongHuman Capital ManagementPeopleStrong Alt, 25%Subscribe now800
472PeopleWorks INHuman Capital ManagementPeopleWorks HCM, 20%Subscribe now200
473Perfect CommerceeCommerce, ERP Financial Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementPerfect Commerce, 8%Subscribe now150
474Performance Assessment Network, Inc. (PAN)Human Capital ManagementPAN business edition platform, 20%Subscribe now101
475Performance CultureHuman Capital ManagementPerformance Culture System, 60%Subscribe now10
476Phenom PeopleHuman Capital ManagementTRM Cloud, 40%Subscribe now270
477Pilat HRHuman Capital ManagementPilat HR, 20%Subscribe now70
478Pitney BowesAnalytics and BI, eCommerce, Supply Chain Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementBorderfree, Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud-9.84%Subscribe now15000
479PlandayHuman Capital ManagementPlanday, 25%Subscribe now116
480Planisware, ERP Financial Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Project Portfolio Management, Planisware Live, 33.33%Subscribe now200
481Plex Systems IncERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementPlex Manufacturing Cloud , 14.67%Subscribe now500
482Pluralsight LLCHuman Capital ManagementPluralsight, 60%Subscribe now720
483PomatoHuman Capital ManagementPomato, 60%Subscribe now5
484PraxedoERP Services and Operations ManagementField Service Management, Praxedo Mobil42.81%Subscribe now50
485Premiere Global Services, Inc.CollaborationGlobalMeet, iMeet Live, PGi Event Services, PGi Video Managed Services, Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C), 12.5%Subscribe now2300
486PresagiaHuman Capital ManagementPresagia Leave, 11.11%Subscribe now50
487PrismHRHuman Capital ManagementPrismHR, 20%Subscribe now130
488ProAlpha Business SolutionsERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementproALPHA, 7.69%Subscribe now800
489Project ObjectsProject Portfolio ManagementProject Portfolio Management, New Product Development, Professional Services Automation, Capital Investment Projects30.91%Subscribe now50
490Pronto SoftwareERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementPronto Xi, 6.06%Subscribe now450
491ProtimeHuman Capital ManagementProtime e-Premium, 66.67%Subscribe now200
492PSI AGERP Services and Operations ManagementPSI Cloud Suite, -7.14%Subscribe now1650
493PTCContent Management, Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringPTC PLM Cloud, -8.45%Subscribe now6000
494PureSafetyERP Services and Operations ManagementPureSafety Cloud, -1.36%Subscribe now12000
495Pyramid AnalyticsAnalytics and BIBI Office Suite, 23.08%Subscribe now150
496QceraHuman Capital ManagementLeaveSource, 27.27%Subscribe now24
497qilo Technologies Pvt. LtdHuman Capital ManagementQilo Cloud, 60%Subscribe now20
498QlikAnalytics and BIQlik Sense Cloud, 3.23%Subscribe now2500
499QuadientCustomer Relationship ManagementQuadient Inspire Cloud, Quadient Customer Journey Mapping™, Quadient Mobile Advantage™, Quadient Inspire™, Quadient Bulk Mailer™ , 30.91%Subscribe now350
500QuantrixEnterprise Performance ManagementQuantrix Enterprise Qloud, 20%Subscribe now25
501Quantum WorkplaceHuman Capital ManagementQuantum Workplace, 60%Subscribe now60
502QuickBase, Inc. (Intuit, Inc.)Human Capital ManagementQuickBase platform, 40%Subscribe now260
503QuintiqSupply Chain ManagementQuintiq Cloud, 28.34%Subscribe now1000
504Quorum Business SolutionsERP Services and Operations ManagementQuorum Financial Accounting, 2.94%Subscribe now400
505Ramco SystemsERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementRamco ERP Suite, Ramco HCM integrated with Global Payroll, Ramco Aviation Solution, -9.36%Subscribe now1700
506ReachMeeHuman Capital ManagementReachMee, 47.06%Subscribe now50
507ReckonCollaboration, ERP Financial ManagementReckon One, 1.47%Subscribe now200
508Reflection SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementCognition, 60%Subscribe now20
509ReflektiveHuman Capital ManagementReflektive Cloud, 60%Subscribe now120
510Relex SolutionsERP Services and Operations ManagementSaaS, 50%Subscribe now400
511ReviewSNAPHuman Capital ManagementReviewSNAP cloud, 60%Subscribe now30
512Rise HQHuman Capital ManagementRise HR, 60%Subscribe now60
513River Logic, Inc.Analytics and BI, Enterprise Performance Management, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementIntegrated Business Planning (IBP), 0%Subscribe now65
514RIVSHuman Capital ManagementRIVS Digital Interviewing SuiteApp, 60%Subscribe now45
515Rockwell AutomationProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringFactoryTalk, -1.82%Subscribe now22000
516ROGERHuman Capital ManagementRoger Cloud, 60%Subscribe now65
517ROIKOIHuman Capital ManagementROIKOI, 60%Subscribe now10
518RolePointHuman Capital ManagementRolePoint, 60%Subscribe now40
519Rosslare Security Products Inc.Human Capital ManagementHomeInsight, 60%Subscribe now200
520Runrun.itHuman Capital, 40%Subscribe now70
521Saab SensisProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringSaab ATM, 2.86%Subscribe now430
522Saba SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementSaba Cloud Platform, 0.95%Subscribe now950
523Sage Intacct, Inc.ERP Financial ManagementSage Intacct ERP, 58%Subscribe now450 Human Capital ManagementCompAnalyst, 50%Subscribe now160
525SalesforceCustomer Relationship Management, Sales Performance ManagementCommerce Cloud Digital, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, Service Cloud, Wave Analytics22.13%Subscribe now29400
526Salmon SoftwareTreasury and Risk ManagementSalmon Treasurer, 7.14%Subscribe now70
527SAPAnalytics and BI, Collaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, Enterprise Performance Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, IT Service Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Sales Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementAriba Network: Sourcing, Procurement, & Finance, Concur Expense, Concur Invoice, Concur Travel, Fieldglass: Flexible Labor Management, SAP Business ByDesign (ERP for Midsize Business), SAP Business One Cloud (ERP for Small Business), SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Analytics, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Jam Collaboration, SAP Jam Communities, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SuccessFactors Performance Management, SuccessFactors Recruiting8%$14596m74551
528SAS InstituteAnalytics and BI, Customer Relationship ManagementSAS Cloud Analytics, 8.98%Subscribe now14019
529ScanmarketProcurementScanmarket has easy to deploy, easy to use platform which includes: Spend Analysis, eSourcing (RFx & Auctions), Project Management, Contract Management, Supply Base Management, eLearning, 36.36%Subscribe now48
530Schlumberger Oil and GasProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringINTERSECT, 0%Subscribe now113000
531Schneider Electric Software, LLCERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringWonderware SmartGlance, 4.55%Subscribe now170000
532SchrodingerERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringSchrödinger software release 2017-1, 0%Subscribe now300
533Sciforma CorporationProject Portfolio ManagementReporting, project management, Demand Management, information technology27.27%Subscribe now122
534SDLContent ManagementAlterian, SDL Customer Experience Cloud, SDL Knowledge Center, SDL Language Cloud, SDL Web, 14.68%Subscribe now3500
535SecureSheet Technologies, LLCHuman Capital ManagementSecureSheet, 60%Subscribe now15
536SeeraHuman Capital ManagementSeera Cloud, 60%Subscribe now35
537SelenityHuman Capital ManagementSelenity Finance and Expenses Expedite Solutions, Selenity HR Solutions (ER Tracker, GreenLight Workforce), Selenity Procurement and Legal Solution, 40%Subscribe now60
538Sênior SistemasERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementSenior, 11.11%Subscribe now1200
539Sentric, Inc.Human Capital ManagementSentricWorkforce, 20%Subscribe now62
540SER GroupContent ManagementDoxis4, 21.21%Subscribe now550
541SerenovaCustomer Relationship ManagementCxEngage, LiveOps Engage™, LiveOps Voice™, LiveOps Chat™, LiveOps Email™, LiveOps Social, LiveOps SMS™, LiveOps Insight™, LiveOps Authoring™, -9.09%Subscribe now673
542ServiceMaxERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and EngineeringServiceMax, 22.22%Subscribe now200
543ServiceNowCollaboration, Human Capital Management, IT Service Management, Project Portfolio ManagementServiceNow, 43.4%Subscribe now5600
544ServicePowerERP Services and Operations ManagementServiceOperations, 27.27%Subscribe now115
545SETSHuman Capital ManagementPeople 365, 60%Subscribe now170
546Shell Global Solutions International BVProduct LifeCycle Management and EngineeringShell Global Solution, 0%Subscribe now93000
547Siemens PLM SoftwareCollaboration, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Product LifeCycle Management and Engineering, Supply Chain ManagementTeamcenter, 2%Subscribe now8200
548SIGMA-RH FranceHuman Capital ManagementSIGMA RH HCM Cloud, 20%Subscribe now50
549SilkRoadHuman Capital ManagementSilkRoad Talent Activation Cloud, 12.5%Subscribe now400
550Silverlake AxisERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementMerimen Insurance Solution, -2.91%Subscribe now1200
551SisenseAnalytics and BISisense Cloud Apps, 82.61%Subscribe now350
552SisqualHuman Capital ManagementSISQUAL, 20%Subscribe now50
553SistranERP Services and Operations ManagementSISE (Life, P&C, Surety), 3.57%Subscribe now669
554SitecoreContent Management, Customer Relationship ManagementSitecore Experience Platform, 20.14%Subscribe now880
555skeeledHuman Capital Managementskeeled Cloud, 60%Subscribe now23
556SlimstockSupply Chain ManagementSlim4, 23.97%Subscribe now200
557Smart i Electronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.Human Capital ManagementSmart i Bank Cloud, Smart i Pharma Cloud, Smart i Data Centers Cloud, Smart i Retail Chains Cloud60%Subscribe now136
558SmartFocusCustomer Relationship ManagementThe Message Cloud, 8%Subscribe now700
559SmartgroupHuman Capital ManagementSmartfleet, 60%Subscribe now450
560SmartLinx SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementWorkLinx, 20%Subscribe now89
561SmashFly TechnologiesHuman Capital ManagementSmashFly, 28.57%Subscribe now140
562SnapHopHuman Capital ManagementSnapHop, 60%Subscribe now10
563Social TalentHuman Capital ManagementSocialTalent, 60%Subscribe now50
564Soft Trade Solutions for Human ResourcesHuman Capital ManagementSoft Trade, 20%Subscribe now50
565Softech MicrosystemsHuman Capital ManagementSoftech Time and Attendance, 60%Subscribe now75
566softgarden GmbHHuman Capital ManagementSoftgarden ATS, 66.67%Subscribe now60
567SoftOne GroupHuman Capital ManagementSoftOne ERP, SoftOne HR40%Subscribe now60
568Softworks.comHuman Capital ManagementSoftworks Cloud, 20%Subscribe now90
569SonruHuman Capital ManagementSonru, 25%Subscribe now80
570SopheonIT Service Management, Project Portfolio ManagementAccolade Enterprise Innovation Management Software, Accolade Express for PPM, Accolade Cloud, Accolade Cloud, Accolade Mobile, Accolade Integration 19.48%Subscribe now123
571Sopra HR SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementSopra HR Payroll, 4%Subscribe now1300
572SovrenHuman Capital ManagementSovren, 15.79%Subscribe now24
573Spark Hire, Inc.Human Capital ManagementSpark Hire, 60%Subscribe now25
574SpiceworksIT Service ManagementHelp Desk solution, IT Asset Manager, Network Manager, Mobile Device Management, IT Concierge and the Spiceworks Community, 24.4%Subscribe now450
575SpiraLinks CorporationHuman Capital ManagementFocal Review, 60%Subscribe now20
576SpredfastCustomer Relationship ManagementSpredfast social marketing platform, 14.29%Subscribe now500
577SprinklrCustomer Relationship ManagementSprinklr's Experience Cloud, 40%Subscribe now900
578Sprout SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementSprout HR, Sprout Payroll, Sprout Recruit, 60%Subscribe now40
579SPS Commerce, Inc.Supply Chain ManagementSPS Commerce, 9.63%Subscribe now1046
580SquizContent Management, Customer Relationship ManagementSquiz Matrix, Squiz CMS, Squiz Analytics and Squiz Search, 30.91%Subscribe now500
581STANLEY Security SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementStanley eVideo Cloud solution, 20%Subscribe now500
582Sterling Talent SolutionsHuman Capital ManagementTalentWise Hire, 11.11%Subscribe now3900
583SugarCRMCustomer Relationship ManagementSugarCRM, 30%Subscribe now550
584Sunview SoftwareIT Service ManagementChangeGear Change Manager, ChangeGear Service Desk, ChangeGear Service Manager, 52.73%Subscribe now70
585Suprema Inc.Human Capital ManagementBioStar 2, 60%Subscribe now90
586SurveyMonkeyCollaborationSurveyMonkey, 4.28%Subscribe now450
587SutiHRHuman Capital ManagementSutiHR Cloud, 40%Subscribe now180
588Symmetry SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementPayroll Point, 40%Subscribe now30
589Sympa HRHuman Capital ManagementSympa HR, 20%Subscribe now60
590Symphony EYCCustomer Relationship Management, eCommerce, ERP Financial Management, Supply Chain ManagementSymphony Retail Cloud, 2.11%Subscribe now650
591SyncHRHuman Capital ManagementSyncHR, 60%Subscribe now100
592Syncplicity by AxwayCollaboration, Content ManagementSyncplicity by Axway, 20%Subscribe now150
593SyncronCustomer Relationship ManagementSYNCRON PRICE™, Syncron Inventory™, Syncron Order™, Syncron Uptime™, Syncron MasterData™, 33.88%Subscribe now275
594SYNEL MLL PayWay Ltd.Human Capital ManagementSY-HARMONY, 60%Subscribe now250
595SynerTradeProcurementSource to contract, Procure to Pay, Supplier Management (SRM), Spend & Purchasing Intelligence, Idea to Product, 41.82%Subscribe now250
596TableauAnalytics and BITableau Online, 27.04%Subscribe now3008
597Tagetik, a Wolters Kluwer CompanyEnterprise Performance ManagementCCH Tagetik, 4.55%Subscribe now250
598TalentCirclesHuman Capital ManagementTalentCircles, 60%Subscribe now20
599TalentGuardHuman Capital ManagementTalentGuard, 60%Subscribe now30
600TalentQuestHuman Capital ManagementTalentQuest Cloud, 20%Subscribe now70
601Tango HealthHuman Capital ManagementTango Health, 66.67%Subscribe now60
602TCS' Talent Management platform CHROMAHuman Capital ManagementCHROMA, TCS iON, TAP, TCS MasterCraft20%Subscribe now50
603TDS (Time Data Security) LtdHuman Capital ManagementTDS Enterprise Security Suite, 60%Subscribe now70
604TeamDynamixIT Service Management, Project Portfolio ManagementITSM, Enterprise Service Management, Project Portfolio Management, TDX Platform36.36%Subscribe now46
605TechnologyOne LimitedERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementTechnologyOne Cloud, 13.89%Subscribe now1000
606Technowin Solutions Pvt LtdHuman Capital ManagementWebPay, 60%Subscribe now35
607TecsysSupply Chain ManagementplanIT, getIT, HouseIT, moveIT, useIT, analyzeIT, smartpanel, smartbin10.72%Subscribe now372
608TEDS, INC.Human Capital ManagementTEDS Platform, 20%Subscribe now45
609Teknorix Systems - JobsoidHuman Capital ManagementJobsoid, 60%Subscribe now30
610TeleoptiERP Services and Operations ManagementTeleopti Pro, 25.87%Subscribe now230
611Tensor plcHuman Capital ManagementWinTA.NET, 40%Subscribe now89
612Teradata CorporationAnalytics and BI, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementTeradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, -15.92%Subscribe now11500
613TextkernelHuman Capital ManagementTextkernel for CV Parsing, 25%Subscribe now80
614The Marcus Buckingham Company, a ADP CompanyHuman Capital ManagementStandOut, 60%Subscribe now100
615ThinkstepERP Services and Operations ManagementGaBi, SoFi0%Subscribe now300
616ThinkWare Inc.Human Capital ManagementThinkWare Cloud, 40%Subscribe now40
617Thomsons Online BenefitsHuman Capital ManagementDarwin, 25%Subscribe now466
618ThoughtSpotAnalytics and BISpotIQ, 200%Subscribe now200
619Thru, Inc.Content ManagementThru OptiSPEED, Thru OptiFLOW, Thru OptiBAND, Thru DAM28.57%Subscribe now70
620ThunderheadCustomer Relationship ManagementONE Engagement Hub, -27.27%Subscribe now300
621TIBCO Software Inc.Analytics and BI, Content ManagementTIBCO Cloud, 4.17%Subscribe now4200
622TimecentreHuman Capital ManagementTimecenre8.0, 20%Subscribe now50
623TimeClock Plus dba Data Management, Inc.Human Capital ManagementTimeClock Plus v7, 40%Subscribe now139
624TimeTargetHuman Capital ManagementIMS Payroll, 20%Subscribe now68
625Timetec Computing Sdn. Bhd.Human Capital ManagementTimeTec Cloud, 60%Subscribe now65
626TINYpulseHuman Capital ManagementTINYpulse, 33.33%Subscribe now120
627tisoware Society for Time Management mbHHuman Capital ManagementTisoware.HR, 20%Subscribe now110
628TMP WorldwideHuman Capital ManagementTalentBrew Software Platform, 7.14%Subscribe now1500
629TNS Employee InsightsHuman Capital ManagementOnDemand, 60%Subscribe now50
630TobaniaHuman Capital ManagementTobania Cloud, 60%Subscribe now300
631ToolsGroupSupply Chain ManagementSO99+, Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO), Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Demand Forecasting, Demand Collaboration, 48.76%Subscribe now200
632TOPdeskIT Service ManagementTOPdesk Innovation Platform, TOPdesk ITSM software, Topdesk CAFM, 26.85%Subscribe now500
633TOTVSAnalytics and BI, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementTOTVS ERP, -5.08%Subscribe now12000
634Tracker Corp.Human Capital ManagementI-9 Complete, I-9 Resolve60%Subscribe now50
635TradeshiftProcurement, Supply Chain ManagementTradeshift Procure-to-Pay, 25%Subscribe now300
636Training OrchestraHuman Capital ManagementTraining Management Software by Training Orchestra, 60%Subscribe now40
637TransparentBusinessHuman Capital ManagementTransparentBusiness Cloud, 60%Subscribe now20
638TransplaceSupply Chain ManagementManaged Transportation Services, The Transplace TMS, Supply Chain Consulting, 22.73%Subscribe now1100
639TribePadHuman Capital ManagementTribePad Video Interviewing Platform , 66.67%Subscribe now30
640TribridgeHuman Capital ManagementTribridge Health360, Tribridge AmplifyHR, Tribridge Offender360, 60%Subscribe now750
641TrimbleERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital ManagementTrimble AllTrak Cloud, Trimble API Cloud, Trimble GeoManager, Trimble Horizon, Trimble InSphere, 3.11%Subscribe now8217
642Trintech Group PLCERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations ManagementCadency, ReconNET, 27.27%Subscribe now250
643TrustSphereHuman Capital ManagementTrustView, 60%Subscribe now80
644TSheets Time Tracking SoftwareHuman Capital ManagementTSheets Time Tracking Software, 25%Subscribe now133
645TydyHuman Capital ManagementTydy, 60%Subscribe now10
646Unicorn HROHuman Capital ManagementUnicorn HRO HR, 20%Subscribe now60
647UnilogContent Management, eCommerceCIMM2, 41.82%Subscribe now800
648Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software LtdHuman Capital ManagementVacancy Filler, 87.5%Subscribe now65
649VaronisAnalytics and BIDatAnywhere, DatAdvantage, DatAlert, DataPrivilege, Data Transport Engine, DatAnswers40.87%Subscribe now1000
650VelocifyCustomer Relationship ManagementVelocify LeadManager, 7.14%Subscribe now200
651Vena SolutionsEnterprise Performance ManagementVena, 25%Subscribe now110
652Verint Systems Inc.Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Sales Performance ManagementVerint Customer Analytics, Verint Engagement Management, Verint Workforce Optimization, 0.92%Subscribe now4800
653Version Systems Private LimitedHuman Capital ManagementfactoHR, 60%Subscribe now50
654Vibe HCM by cfactor Works Inc.Human Capital ManagementVibe HCM Platform, 60%Subscribe now70
655VidCruiterHuman Capital ManagementVidCruiter, 60%Subscribe now30
656Vincere.ioHuman Capital ManagementVincere, 60%Subscribe now20
657Virgin PulseHuman Capital ManagementVirgin Pulse, 25%Subscribe now500
658VisierHuman Capital ManagementVisier Talent Acquisition, 28.57%Subscribe now250
659VismaCustomer Relationship Management, eCommerce, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital Management, AditroHRM Suite , Valueframe CRM,, 15.04%Subscribe now5600
660Visual IQ, a Nielsen companyCustomer Relationship ManagementAttribution Management, Marketing Analytics, Media Mix Modeling, Marketing Optimization, Marketing Attribution, 45.45%Subscribe now300
661VohtrHuman Capital ManagementVohtr Cloud, 60%Subscribe now5
662VORTAL Connecting BusinessProcurementeProcurement, eTendering, eSourcing, eAuction, eCatalogues, 41.82%Subscribe now200
663VrooziProcurementVroozi, 60%Subscribe now100
664VTEX The True Cloud Commerce PlatformeCommerce, Procurement, Supply Chain ManagementVtex, 55.84%Subscribe now250
665WageWorksHuman Capital ManagementWageWorks, 20%Subscribe now1335
666WalkMeHuman Capital ManagementWalkMe, 25%Subscribe now600
667Web Benefits DesignHuman Capital ManagementWeb Benefits Platform, 60%Subscribe now70
668WebtrendsAnalytics and BI, eCommerceWebtrends Analytics, 6.67%Subscribe now350
669WepowHuman Capital ManagementWePow, 66.67%Subscribe now40
670West CorporationCollaboration, ERP Services and Operations Management, InterCall Collaboration Cloud, 4.17%Subscribe now10630
671WEX HealthHuman Capital ManagementWEX Health Cloud, 33.33%Subscribe now4248
672When I WorkHuman Capital ManagementWhen I Work, 20%Subscribe now121
673WisageTechHuman Capital Management8Manage, 60%Subscribe now30
674WonoloHuman Capital ManagementWonolo Staffing Platform, 60%Subscribe now80
675Work MarketHuman Capital ManagementWork Market, 11.11%Subscribe now42
676WorkableHuman Capital ManagementWorkable, 66.67%Subscribe now30
677Workcube ERPCollaboration, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, ERP Services and Operations Management, Human Capital ManagementWorkcube ERP, Workcube CRM, Workcube HR, 4.4%Subscribe now89
678WorkForce Software, LLCHuman Capital ManagementWorkForce Time and Attendance , WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling, EmpLive, 12.24%Subscribe now619
679WorkfrontProject Portfolio ManagementWorkfront Cloud (Workfront, ProofHQ, Workfront DAM), 31.71%Subscribe now800
680WorkivaEnterprise Performance Management, Treasury and Risk ManagementWdesk, 21.55%Subscribe now1250
681WorkJamHuman Capital ManagementWorkJam Cloud, 40%Subscribe now30
682WorklogixHuman Capital ManagementHR Hub, Clarus, eComp, Succeed!, Worklogix LMS, 20%Subscribe now45
683Works AppsERP Financial Management, Human Capital ManagementCOMPANY on Cloud Managed Service (CCMS), 6.25%Subscribe now3907
684Workterra, a CareerBuilder CompanyHuman Capital ManagementWorkterra, 16.67%Subscribe now90
685WorxtimeHuman Capital ManagementWorxtime HR, 60%Subscribe now50
686Xceed365 LimitedHuman Capital ManagementXceed 365 Advantage, 40%Subscribe now30
687XeroERP Financial Management, Human Capital ManagementXero, 68.42%Subscribe now1800
688XrefHuman Capital ManagementXref, 52.73%Subscribe now50
689YelloHuman Capital ManagementYello, 77.78%Subscribe now150
690Yellowfin BIAnalytics and BIYellowfin BI, 16.67%Subscribe now140
691ZendeskCustomer Relationship Managementzendesk, 49.72%Subscribe now806
692ZenefitsHuman Capital ManagementZenefits, 26.67%Subscribe now550
693Zeroed-In TechnologiesHuman Capital ManagementZeroedIn Cloud Workforce Analytics Suite, 36.36%Subscribe now5
694Zicom Electronic Security Systems LimitedHuman Capital ManagementZicom SaaS, 0%Subscribe now508
695ZingHRHuman Capital ManagementZingHR, 50%Subscribe now100
696ZKTecoHuman Capital ManagementZKTime.Net, 11.11%Subscribe now2000
697Zoho Corp.Collaboration, Customer Relationship Management, ERP Financial Management, Human Capital ManagementZoho CRM, 25.49%Subscribe now3500
698ZoomdataAnalytics and BIZoomdata, 28.57%Subscribe now110
699ZugataHuman Capital ManagementZugata, 100%Subscribe now15
700ZuoraERP Financial ManagementZuora, 20%Subscribe now800
701ZUUS WorkforceHuman Capital ManagementZUUS Workforce Cloud, 36.36%Subscribe now25
702ZycusProcurementZycus Source-to-Pay Software Suite, 9.09%Subscribe now820